Find out which shape you belong to

 You are in Inverted Triangle . You are larger on the Top than the bottom.You have a  well proportioned figure. Your bust is fuller and shoulders broader than your defined waist. Your waist can be fuller than your narrower hips and long legs. All these are fabulous assets as many styles looks great on you.Tips on What to Wear:

 Elongate your neck with a V-neck,deep scoop,shawl collar and a u-neck.          

Balance your broader upper torso with darker tops and lighter bottoms

Show off your curves with form-fitting silhouettes,fitted tops,pencil skirts and belted dress and A-line skirts. 



   You are a Triangle. You are larger on the bottom than the top.

 You have a gorgeous goddess-like frame.Your many great assets include your bust and upper body being relatively smaller than your hips. You have a defined waistline that creates a distinct curvature accented by your pronounced lower half.  Tips on What to Wear:

Visually extend your neck and shoulder by wearing v-necklines

Accentuate your bust area with pleats.Define your waist with belt

You will look amazing in a pencil skirt,so do not shy away from them. Wrap around dresses, A-line and flared skirts will also suit you well.


 You are a Diamond. You have a wider mid section.

Your body frame has many beautiful assets. Your waist is fuller than your bust and hips.Your face,neck and bust balance your lower legs. Your arms accentuate your gorgeous frame. Tips on What to Wear:

Show off your neck line with V-neck tops. Wear necklace and scarves.

Elongate your mid-section be wearing tops with drapes silhouettes that are fitted around your bust and skim over your tummy.

Show off your legs with high slits,straight,pencil,tiered,tulip and trumpet skirts.


 You are an Hourglass.You are proportion with defined Waist.Your voluminous curves are striking and proportionate. Your clearly defined waistline harmonious bust and full hips create a beautiful, feminine curvature. Tips on What to Wear:

Flatter your neck line with open collars or ruffles

Accentuate your defined waist with belts, pencil skirts and wrap dresses

Balance the hips with flared, wide flared skirts. 



 You are a Rectangle. You are straight all over

 You have proportionate hips,balanced thighs,shapely legs,slightly fuller arms and a body frame that is perfectly in line with all the body parts. Tips on What to Wear:

Accentuate your femininity with V-necks jewel and cow neck.

Define your curvature with belts and pencil skirts

Wear narrow,straight or slightly flared leg pants.  



 You are an Oval. You have a big tummy.

You have an ample and voluptuous figure. Your waist is fuller than your but and hips. Your face, neck and bust are beautifully proportionate to each other. Your legs and arms accentuate  your voluptuous assets.Tips on What to Wear:

Elongate your shape by showing off your neck with V-neck

Elongate your waist with wrap dresses and princess seams

Accentuate your lower half with dropped waists and high slits.