Tailoring Services

Are you:

a) A unique person looking for a perfect fit of Baju 

    Kurung ?

b) Finding yourself having to compromise too much as 

     nothing seems to suit your taste?

Look no further. No matter what size you are in, we can tailor the perfect fit of Baju Kurung for you. In fact we are here to serve you.

Tailoring Cost- S$90.00 

Fabric Selection

Making an informed decision when it comes to fabric is one difficult part. Basically not all can visualize how the fabric when made into a garment will look on you before you commit to own it.

A good news for those who had bad experience or unaccustomed

to procuring fabric.We have grooming background in body shape, color analysis and the ability to define your style. 

These essential skills will be utilized in selecting the Fabric which is used to tailor the Baju Kurung. We will share with you if fabric of your choice is provided for tailoring.