Ready made Plus Size 'Songket" Baju Kurung

1) What is the size of your Ready-Made Baju Kurung?

    Anyone from size 50 to 54 can fit into the Ready made Baju Kurung.

2) The size 50 to 54 refers to which part of the body?

    It refers to your bust size. Around your chest area. It is in inches.

3) Do I have to come down to try or is there any other arrangement?

   I do not mind bringing the Ready made or Fabric to any location at       no additionla cost as long as you are a serious buyer.

4) What are the colors and Songket pattern available currently?

     Kindly view the readily available sets under photo. Once sold, we         will not have the same color and pattern again.

5) Can I book first if I am keen in one of the readily available set?

     You need to reserve it by paying a deposit of $60.00 via bank  


6) Can I have a refund if it does not fit me or change to another color        after purchasing?


    Changing to another color is viable. Refund is for genuine cases  

    where the ready made set really does not fits your body or suits 


7) How do I know whether to tailor-make or purchase Ready-made?

    It is better to custom-make your Baju Kurung if you have the  

    following features:

    a) Lower body much bigger than the upper body.  

    b) Arms/Biceps very much bigger than the rest of the 


    c) Stomach area bulging out quite obviously.

    d) Your bust size is more than 54 inches.

8) Lets suppose that I want to purchase only the baju or skirt. Is that 


    We understand that some of you would like to have mix and match 

    concepts. To facilitate such needs we allow customers to purchase 

    either the Baju or skirt. The cost will be $60.00 for each piece.