Cost Of Fabric

We have a range of Fabrics for all occasions:

a) Casual wear

b) Office wear

c) Party wear

d) Wedding wear & 

e) Family theme 

Our Songket fabric price is fixed at $90.00.All the Songket Fabrics comes in 6 meters per piece with no compromise in quality. The patterns and designs are unique and comes in beautiful vibrant colors. View the fabrics under Sree'Album.

1) I do not need so much of fabric. Can I purchase what I need?

    Yes, you may purchase the length you need. It is selling at $15.00 per 

    meter. Usually an average size person needs 2 meters of clothing for the 

    top and another 2 meters for the skirt. There are customers who likes to 

    mix and match clothing and this would be a good option.

2) Is you Fabric full of Songket pattern?

    The Songket pattern measures 1 meter while the remaining 5

    meters is either plain or comes with gold dots. The Songket pattern 

    is weaved in this length taking into consideration the Baju Kurung 


3)  I am not sure if the length and portion of the fabric I purchase from 

     your end will be correct for what I want to tailor? 


     Not to worry. We will share with you on what would be best for you 

     when you shop with us. Our aim is for every customers to have a 

     memorable experience with us and have a long term relation.