Baju Kurung- Malay Traditional Dress





The word "Baju Kurung" is a Malay  word. "Baju Kurung" refers to the traditional colorful dress worn by Malay women especially in Asia.

 It is a loose fitting dress consisting of two parts namely the  blouse and the skirt.

 The blouse comes with a round neck without collar. It has long sleeves and the blouse extends up to the knees. The sleeve end comes with pattern matching the intricate patterns on the skirt. The blouse can be plain color without any pattern or with small patterns as shown on the picture. Whether the blouse will be plain or not depends on the Fabric design that is used to sew the dress.   

The skirt is made from a long fabric with folding either on the side or in the center. The skirt always has intricate pattern in the front which gives the whole dress the elegance and the 'wow' factor.

Some customers who prefer to be different choose to use the intricate pattern on the blouse and plain color on the skirt. This is totally the choice of the customer base on their preference.