Pluse Size Ready Made Baju Kurung Pluse Size Ready Made Baju Kurung Sree Collection 1 -$120 Dark Blue with Gold floral Songket 205014641 Sree Collection 2-$120 Green with Red Songket 205014642 Sree Collection 3-$120 White with Pink Songket 205014643 Sree Collection 4 -$120 Brick color with Mat Songket 205014644 Sree Collection 5 -$120 Light Blue with Gold Floral Songket 205014645 Sree Collection 6 -$70 Checkers design with multi-color Songket 205014646 Sree Collection 7 -$120 Maroon with Gold Floral Songket 205014647 Sree Collection 8 -$120 Orange with Red Songket. The only Fabric which allows to have Songket design on the baju as well as on the skirt. Value for money piece. 205014648 Sree Collection 9- $120 Green with Black Songket. The sleeve is created with black color to give a contrasting effect. 205018468