About the Fabric

Sree's Boutique introduces you to Unique Collections of Songket Fabric. We are dedicated to providing our customers with one-time only designs. This is to ensure that only you own the design and stand out in the crowd.

We are sure that our Unique collection make you:
  •  Feel Special
  • Shop with ease
  • Spend less time searching for Fabric
  • Look fabulous 

1) What is the length of your Fabric?

Each Songket is 6.5 meters in length. This is more than sufficient to cater for a Plus Size Customer (XXL). 

2) Can the Fabric be hand washed or only can be dry cleaned?

Our Fabric can be hand or machine washed. Using mild detergent would be sufficient.  No worries about wear and tear during washing. 

3) Does the fabric has color run problem or shrinkage after wash?

The fabric is weaved with quality silk and cotton threads (blended Silk). As such there is no color run problem or shrinkage after wash. We provide guarantee for the fabric and will stand by it.

4) Is the Fabric comfortable to wear?

Our Songket Fabric is light weight and soft. It is suitable for our local climate.

5) Will the Fabric have visible patches when I sweat?

Since it is lightweight and soft fabric, excessive perspiration is minimized. To date, we do not have any complaints related to this concern. Personally I have also not experience such problem as I do tailor clothing for myself using the fabric.
6) Let say I am a medium size person and I purchase the fabric from 
    your end. I am sure I will not be using 6.5 meters for my clothing. 
    What can be done with the excess fabric?

You can also purchase the Fabric according to what is required for your size. It will be cost $15 per meter.In this way you only buy what you need and save fabric cost.

7) Do you have other Fabric apart from Songket?

We have the following:

- Vibrant colors
Pink/ Red/Royal Blue/Black/Turquoise/Green/Gold/Orange/Light Blue/Purple

- Comes in bail, so no issue about length required

- $8.00  per meter

- Soft
- Cooling
- Suitable for all Plus Size Customers
- Comes in 6.5 meters per piece

Colors available:

Orange Gold with black pattern
White with black pattern 
Greenish Gold with black pattern

-$54.00 per piece