Specialist in Baju Kurung of all Sizes including Plus Sizes

Welcome to Sree's Boutique & Creations

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1) Do you tailor for all sizes of Baju Kurung?

    Yes. Though we Specialize in Ready-made Plus Size  Baju 

    Kurung, we do take orders for all sizes.

2) How long do you take to sew an order?

    Maximum 5 days and not more. We produce boutique 

    standard finish as we take pride in our service.  

3) What are the sizes that can fit into the Ready made Plus Size 

    Baju Kurung?

     Anyone from size L to XXL. The measurement is 50 inches   

     to 54 inches around your bust.

4) What is the cost of the Ready made Baju Kurung?

    I have kept all our Ready made at an affordable investment 

    of $108.00.

5) I am not sure if the cost of purchasing the Ready made is  

    value for money as compared to tailoring ? 

   Lets take for example a decent Fabric with floral pattern 

   costing about $8 per meter. A Plus Size customers needs 6 

   meters of clothing. This will cost $48.00. Lets suppose you 

   get  a tailor who is sewing Baju Kurung at $50.00. In total you     will be spending $98.00. 

   The things to take note is:

  •   the Fabric is not 'Songket' Design;
  •  there is no guarantee that it will not have color-run or     
     shrinkage problem after washing.
  • you cannot expect Boutique standard finish for $50.00.

I leave the answer to the audience to make an informed decision.

6) What is the mode of payment and collection/delivery?

    You can make bank transfer and we will mail it to your 

    address. Kindly keep transfer receipt till the whole process 

    is complete. 

7) If I want to tailor-make a Baju Kurung how do I go about it?

     Just give me a call (97707224-Sree) and provide me your 

    address. I will come to your doorstep on the agreed date and 

    time and do the measurement. This service is free of charge.

8) What is your tailoring cost?

    An affordable investment of $90.00 which comes     

    with boutique standard tailoring.

9) Do you accept fabric bought by customers or do you have 

    fabric as well?

    If you have  your own fabric, I need to assess the fabric and 

    the length bought before I commit to tailoring with it.

   I also do have light weight Songket Fabric with vibrant 

   colors  for you to choose if you want a one stop solution. All 

   my Fabrics cost $90.00 per piece (6  metres per piece) and 

   does  not need lining.

10) Do you have shop operating in any location?

    I am operating from home and am thus able to provide 

    affordable rates to all my customers.

11) If I have an urgent Baju Kurung to tailor say with a short 

      period of time, can you do it?

      I can complete a Baju within 3 days if really urgent with no 

      compromise in tailoring standard. 

12) Do you sew men  Baju and Jubha?


      Not for now but will be able to take on this orders in June 

      2018. Upgrading of skills in progress.

13) Apart from Baju Kurung what else do you tailor?

      I am now exploring the following areas to extend my reach. 

      I should be able to provide these variety of clothing after 

      June 2018. 

      a) Tops for Women

      b) Kaftan

      c) Salwar Khamis

      d) Plazzo pants

      e) Jubha

14) If I want to purchase bulk orders from your end, how do I go

      about it?

      Kindly contact me for a one-to-one discussion. We can  

      collaborate towards a viable plan. 


I am  passionate to help you make decisions on what will be good for you. Feel free to call me and I will be more than glad to serve you.