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Songket Fabric

Songket Fabric

Songket Fabric refers to hand- woven Fabric. This fabric is usually made in lengths of 6.5 meters. This is because intricate patterns of about 1 meter is weaved in each 6.5 meters of Fabric.

The  intricate pattern is weaved using gold or silver threads between the cotton or silk fabric. Most of the Songket Fabric comes in  blended silk ( 85% silk and 15% cotton). This gold/silver thread creates the beautiful designs that makes the Fabric popular. 

 Songket Fabric comes in various form and can be found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The best quality comes from India-Kerala. This country is well know for hand woven Fabric which does not have color-run problem. Color-run refers to Fabric having problem when washed. Colors may start fading after first wash due to poor quality.